Monday, August 24, 2009


This is a pic of Getcha head in the game. I'm #12. The third from the left

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Catalog Cheats!

The new hidden Club Penguin Cheats are in the Penguin Style August 2009! Here is my smart cheat guide to find these exclusive items!

The new Aqua color has finally been released to the public. Even if it does look a lot like light blue, its still really cool!

Step #1: Go to the sixth page of the catalog.
Step #2: Click on the inside of the piano
To go get the rare blue Viking Helmet, click the inside of the piano four times.

Step #1: Click on the seventh page of the catalog.
Step #2: Click on the word "Penguins"

Step #1: Click on the 8th page of the catalog.
Step #2: Click on the smal sea shell.
Step #1: Click on the 11th page of the catalog.
Step #2: Click on the far right window.
~Molly222, Catalog Cheater

Festival of Flights Party!

The Festival of Flights Party is finally here! And it is awesome!

Heres what the cave looks like. The whole reason for this party, was to fix the windows. But why the heck are they borded up? Lol!

Alright, I was wondering what would happen to the Ice berg and the Aqua Grabber. Since the Ice Berg isn't really part of Club Penguin, they decided to keep it where it is.

Okay, now for the cheats! The green propeller hat is located at the Plaza. New item! well kinda, old item just, different color.

Also! The new room is now available! To get to the new room, walk into the hot air balloon at the forest. This would be the best, if it weren't for members only :( Sorry nonmembers.

This is what the inside of the balloon looks like. Pretty cool.

And for the new room! The tallest mountain. After the party, I think you'll be able to get here by your maps. I wonder if it will be for members only?!?!

On the tallest mountain, you can get the jet packs! (Members only.)

You can also meet Gary here! They were asking Gary to clone them. Weird..... lol

I finally got his background!! Now I have every mascots background!!!

Also, there it a ladder at the beach leading up to the beacon. I wonder if cp will keep it when the partys over! That would be sweet! It would be a lot easier than going through the lighthouse.

New Sand Castle Pin

The new pin is the Sand Castle Pin. And it is located in the Mine. The last pin that was in the mine, was the Box O' Puffle O's.

You know have the latest Club Penguin Pin! Also, the new flight party is here! Check it out. I'll post the cheats soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Which look is better?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ninja's Gone?

It seems that all the ninja sitings in Club Penguin have been taken out. Take a look.

This is what the Ski Village mirror used to look like.

But now they took the ninja out!

There was also the same shadow here.

And now its gone! Why do you think cp did this? I like them there.... I guess it doesn't matter though.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sailboat Pin.

The new pin is the sailboat pin. And it is located at the Coffee Shop. The last pin that was in the Coffee Shop, was the goblet pin! Do you think the sail boat has to do with G's project at the cave?

You know have the latest Club Penguin Pin!!!

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